Tell me - what’s your story? No doubt you have one - we all do. Whatever your age or wherever you are with your career, you are your story. It defines you - how and where you grew up, your education, your background, your dreams, your successes, your challenges, your ups and your downs. These and a multitude of other factors all work together to create the unique individual that is you.

The career lift you’re looking for.

Here’s my story.

Director of Career Inspiration

My name is Kirti Patel and my business is Career Inspiration Ltd.

I use my know-how and experience to give established professionals the career lift they’re looking for - maybe a promotion, a career change or simply improving their performance at work. Either way, it’s all about career success.

I also work with schools and colleges - enabling them to achieve Ofsted Outstanding.

Now, what qualifies me to help you achieve career success? Good question … and there’s no better way to answer it than to share with you my own career story - the transitions I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned that have brought me to running my own successful career business.

Starting off in accountancy

My first career was in accountancy. Following graduation, I gained plenty of practical Accounting experience, as well as career know-how. I learned how to apply for an Accounting position and how to conduct myself at interview - what to write and what to say in order to succeed at job application game.

I then moved into accountancy recruitment and found myself engaging with accountancy firms, businesses and candidates. I soon developed a profound understanding of the challenges facing both the hirer and the candidate. Armed with this understanding, I’m perfectly placed to bridge the gap between what you’re looking for and what employers need. In other words, I’ll ensure the perfect fit.

My time as an accountant taught me so much. I’ve experienced the long hours and the constant stresses of month end and year end deadlines. I’ve worked in a high-pressure, unsupportive environment. I appreciate the value of working in an environment which is caring and supportive, as well as motivating and inspiring - vital ingredients for your own personal happiness and your career development. I also understand the importance of ample and appropriate training opportunities.

A change of direction

As part of my quest to find a career which embraced training, I reached a fork in the career road and moved into the education sector. Working with East Midlands Further Education colleges, I supported Careers Leads by reviewing existing careers provision and implementing proven processes. This raised the standard of their careers programme to Ofsted Outstanding.

And now … the present

This combination of career experiences brings me to the here and now - working with

  • Accountants - helping them to make a successful career transition, either within their current role or forging a new career path.
  • Schools and Colleges - delivering a bespoke Ofsted readiness programme, enabling them to receive ongoing, comprehensive and tailored support. Invariably, this produces great results, where both unique, outstanding achievements and relevant, specific challenges are recognised.

So  -that’s my story.

I’d love to hear yours.

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Let’s work together and give your career the kick-start you’re looking for.

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