Empathetic Leadership

Can you truly be an empathetic leader?

Empathy is the top quality for leadership, according to research. It’s not difficult to see why as it has many benefits for leaders and their respective businesses. Why is Empathy important? Leaders are able to constructively influence their internal and external stakeholders – understanding your stakeholder’s needs and their perspective without judgement or bias allows …

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What’s in a name?

Your name is your identity right? Or is it? Many of us identify with the gender that was assigned at birth but what about those who don’t? Can you imagine the identity clash that they feel when they get asked what their name is? The thoughts going through their head? Do I tell them my …

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Your Linkedin Profile is more than just an online CV

Your Linkedin profile is a great marketing tool to get you noticed by not just a select number of recruiters that you send your CV to. Did you know that 90% of employers recruit using Linkedin? This is why there are 660 million users on Linkedin! How are you going to ensure that you stand-out?
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Networking with Confidence

One of the questions that I hear often is how do I find people who know about the role that I want. To find the right opportunity in your industry for you, it is vital that you network with industry professionals and key decision makers. You will find these people at networking events and job …

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How to effectively job-search during a pandemic

I know times are challenging, but now is not the time to stop job-searching. It is time to get prepared so that you can apply for remote accountancy or education positions now or when these positions are available in a face to face context, post pandemic.
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Gatsby Benchmarks for Career Leaders

Ofsted Requirements for Career Leaders

How are you feeling about the new Ofsted requirements for Career Leaders? As a Career Leader, have you been confused by the new Ofsted requirements for careers departments in schools and colleges? Are you struggling with understanding what they mean for your school or college? All Career leaders are having to think creatively about how …

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