Career Coach for Accountants

You’re in the driving seat!

Let’s take steps together to get your career working for you.

  • Are you at the start of your accountancy career and confused about what career path to take?
  • Are you an established professional, who has had their confidence knocked or just needs that extra nudge to go for that promotion?
  • Are you thinking that maybe accountancy isn’t right for me but I want to use my skill-set and experience for a new career?

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to work together. Here’s the help you’ll receive:

  • Bespoke coaching sessions, which are going to get you real results
  • Advice from a specialist who has been an accountant, understands the industry and has recruited Accountants
  • A structured, tailored action plan with SMART goals which motivates you to take those steps and takes into account your specific challenges
  • A cheerleader who is going to be on your side, will put you first and will be with you to bring the confidence you need right now

Why I work with Accountants?

  • I understand your frustrations (I’ve been there and can give you a motivating, bespoke action plan which takes in account your specific challenges)
  • I’ve recruited and career coached Accountants (I know exactly what needs to be said on a CV or in an interview to make you stand-out against the competition)
  • I’ve successfully transitioned to new careers (It’s ok to feel that a job in Accountancy isn’t right for you anymore. There are other options, you have a choice!)


To find out more about the coaching sessions, bespoke to what you need right now, click on a service page which relates to your current situation or get in touch:

Supporting your restructuring process

Do you have employees who would benefit from CV coaching or Interview coaching to help them to secure their next internal role?

Find out more about how I can help by clicking here. 

One to One Redundancy Support
  • Are you a manager or a director?
  • Have you been made redundant recently?
  • Have you been in a role for a number of years and are not sure where to start now that you've been made redundant?
  • Do you need help with career direction, job searching, updating your CV or linkedin profile, interviewing?

If this sounds like you then click here to find out more about the package that I'm offering to help you to quickly and effectively transition to a new role.

The package includes everything you need to feel confident about the next steps in your career.

Group Redundancy Support

Whilst emotional support is important when having to make redundancies, practical support is what will make a real difference to your employees working lives.

This is what I want to help with by offering group workshops, which are tailored to the organisation’s needs.

To give you an idea of what your employees may need, I have included some common questions under my headline workshops which clients of mine have wanted answers to. This isn’t a restrictive list and I can add, remove and amend, according to what your organisation needs.

Click here to find out more.

Free CV and Linkedin Support

Starting the redundancy or restructuring process usually means that as an employer you’re financially struggling.

This raises a difficult dilemma: how do I help my departing employees, if I can’t afford outplacement services?

To ensure that employees feel supported in their transition, I’m offering a free CV and LinkedIn profile review service to give your departing employees the head-start they need to effectively transition to a new role.

Click here to find out more

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