Your Linkedin profile is a great marketing tool to get you noticed by not just a select number of recruiters that you send your CV to. Did you know that 90% of employers recruit using Linkedin?

This is why there are 660 million users on Linkedin! How are you going to ensure that you stand-out?

Here are a few tips to ensure your profile gets noticed:

1.   Professional Photo

Statistics show that including a professional photo on your profile (no selfies or photos with poor lighting or cluttered backgrounds!) results in 21 more views and 9 times more connections. It’s a no brainer really, people connect with people!

2.   About section

Think about using this as a cover letter for employers. You need to demonstrate your motivation and suitability for the specific role that you’re interested in. Need some help with cover letters? Get in touch:

3.   Experience section

This section can be tailored to demonstrate your suitability for the role that you’re interested in. Include achievement focused statements for relevant job positions, showing how you’ve added value to a business and leave others with a job title only.

If you’d like a free Linkedin profile review to give you confidence that your profile including your headline stands out to prospective employers, direct message me on Linkedin a link to your profile, a brief description of the role you want to be recruited for and an email address for me to send feedback. This is for a limited time only.

4.   Education Section

You don’t need to include all of your qualifications. Only include those which are most relevant to the role you want to be recruited for.

5.   Skills and Endorsements

This is where your network can shout-out how amazingly skilled you are. These skills can be re-ordered so that they are relevant to the role you’re looking to be recruited for. Reach out to your network now – endorse others and ask them to endorse you!

6.   Recommendations

It’s hard to brag about yourself. So why not ask your network to do that for you?  This is one of the sections which job-seekers forget about yet it’s essential to support your Linkedin profile. A good recruiter will match what has been said about you in this section to your claims in the sections above, so make sure that anything you say in your profile, including dates is accurate.

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