I know times are challenging, but now is not the time to stop job-searching.

It is time to get prepared so that you can apply for remote accountancy or education positions now or when these positions are available in a face to face context, post pandemic.

Here are a few tips to help you get prepared:

💡 Get your CV reviewed

If your CV is not getting you interviews, you should get your CV reviewed and updated. Employers are still using video interviews to hire.

💡Move your networking online

Write down a list of people who you know that can help you with getting the job you’ve wanted.

Have a look at Linkedin – is there anyone who you’d like to get to know who can help you with your job-search, reach out.

Then arrange 1:1s over Skype or Zoom – both are free platforms.

💡 Know how to interview online

Employers are using online technology to video interview. It is similar to face to face interviewing but there are key differences. You need to ensure that you prepare your environment and yourself so that you come across professional and confident.

How Career Inspiration Ltd can help:

If you’re worried about how to job-search or need some video interview advice, then get in touch on 01604 372301. You will receive a free 20-30 minute consultation and we can work out together, how we can prepare you for success.

Not sure if your CV is working for you, take advantage of the free CV review service that is offered today: https://careerinspiration.co.uk/free-career-coaching/

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